Order Services / Prepay

Prepay before April 20th and get 5% off of the 6 Step Fertilization Program-Grub Control-Core Aeration-Seeding-Tree/Shrub Care

By choosing to prepay for lawn services, you can save money and avoid the hassle of making payments after each of our visits. 
You can pay by check or credit card, which ever works best for you.
 For prices or a prepayment invoice 
please    click here.  We will email you prices or a prepayment invoice.

For the Healthiest Lawn, We Recommend our Premium Lawn Care Program. It includes:

  • 6 lawn care visits (either our Blended Program or our Organic/Natural Program)
  • Core Aeration  (puts thousands of tiny holes in the soil to allow water and air to get into the soil)
  • Overseeding  (thickens up a lawn) 
  • Grub Control  (protects your lawn from grub damage)
  • Free Service Calls in Between Scheduled Visits

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