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Joanne E. from Glendale Heights says:

"My lawn has never looked better.  You do a fantastic job and it is organic!  My lawn mower person told me that it was impossible to accomplish organically.  You proved them wrong.  Great job! Thank you."

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Organic Fertilizer, Weed Control and Grub Control

Since 1994 we have been offering organic lawn care to our customers in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.  We have a nice small family run business and we offer our customers a more personal approach to lawn care.  We can offer a 100% organic program or a partially organic program based on your needs.  

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Organic Lawn Care

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Pet Friendly Lawn Care

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Grub Control

We care about your lawn, your family, your pets, and the environment. With Pure Prairie Organics you can choose a natural approach to control grubs like Milky Spore (takes longer and is more expensive) or the chemical approach (less expensive and faster results).  We will give you a green, healthy lawn and provide the close personal attention that you want and deserve. Proudly servicing homes in Du Page, Kane, Kendall, and Will counties.

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Organic Lawn =  Healthy Lawn

1st Pick one of these programs based on your preference

  • Organic Based Blended Program.  If you want weed control and crabgrass control initially we suggest this one.  About 85% of our customers use this program (includes ​crabgrass control and weed control.)  You can switch down the road to a different program or you can switch to the Organic Based Blended Program in the front and the Organic/Natural Program in the front.

  • Organic/Natural Program (does not include crabgrass control or weed control) This Program gives you a nice, green healthy and beautiful lawn but if you have weeds currently it will take a while to crowd them out and make them go away.  Some people are simply ok with having a few weeds here and there.

Either one of these programs will be done 6 times per season

Most have intentions of switching down the road to the Organic/Natural Program... down the road could be 2 months or 2 years. You can also have the Organic Based Blended Program done in front (with weed control) and the Organic/Natural Program done in back (where you, your family and pets typically hang out)

Not quite sure which program to use?  Would you like a bit of weed control but not all over?

You can request our Organic Based Blended Program in the front ("good" for the neighborhood)... and our Organic/Natural Program in back (great for your family and pets).

Just ask and we'll customize things just for you!

2nd Step Add These (Listed in order of importance)

Grub Control, Core Aeration with Overseeding, Tree and Shrub Fertilizer.

  • Grub Control - just think about if you want a natural method (more expensive and takes a bit longer) or chemical method (less expensive and faster results).  The chemical method is best done as a preventative application applied before July.  The Milky Spore will need to be applied in the spring, summer and fall for two years before it will start working.
  • Core Aeration and Overseeding (We prefer to do this in the fall so that we can start the year with Crabgrass Control... if Crabgrass Control is done in the spring and Core Aeration with Overseeding then the results may not be as good in regards to the seeding)

Add this to help make your landscape beautiful and healthy too:

  • Organic/Natural Tree & Shrub Fertilizers

We use a liquid kelp, this is a great mixture to help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful. This should be done 5 times per year.  We'll also monitor your trees while treating them and let you know if we see any issues of insects or disease.  Some customers want to add an insect control or fungicide while others want to leave them be or handle the situation on their own.  

  • Mosquito Control

Some of our customers add a Mosquito Control Program to their services.  We offer a natural solution because most of our customers are not wanting harm to the bees and butterflies .  Chemical Mosquito Control typically lasts longer and it less expensive but not everyone wants that... so we offer a natural solution (Cedar Oil) to control mosquitoes.  For best results this should be done every 2 weeks.

What our customers are saying

We are happy with Chris and his crew.  Quality work, fair prices and attention to details.  Chris and his crew are always available if a problem shows up in our lawn.  We are always happy with his ​service.  

Nancy M. Oswego IL

The key to a healthy lawn is healthy soil.  This along with proper care throughout the season will give you a nice, healthy and beautiful lawn.  We'll help you along the way with tips, and 3 seasonal reports.

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