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Why fertilize your lawn in the late fall?

In the late fall as the soil temperature drops the lawn starts to go dormant.  The grass starts to lose the dark green color and slowly takes on a light brown color...winter is coming.  

At this time of the year when the days are significantly shorter and colder, when lawn furniture is covered or in storage. When summer flowering bulbs have been dug up. Lawn mowers and rakes switch places with snow blowers and snow shovels there is one thing is is all too often not thought of, THE LAWN!

Many homeowners figure they are done with the lawn fertilization program for the year. I have been doing professional lawn care for about 18 years now...and now is an important time to get that last application down into the ground. This last application can be called a late fall application or a winterizer application. 

There are a vital reasons to feed and take care of the lawn this one last time.  One is the lawn will still need some food for those occasional days when the temperatures rise and it warms up enough for the lawn to grow a bit.  But more importantly this last application is ofgreat benefit in the early spring of the next year. This fertilizer that gets applied in the late fall will work it's way into the soil and be ready to get used up as soon as the temperature rises in the early spring.  The fertilizer will be there to be used up and turn your grass a nice dark green color way before the other lawns that didn't get that late fall/winterizer application.

As we start up mid March we can usually spot those lawns that were fed in the late fall.  They have a distinct dark green color while the neighbors lawns still have the straw colored/light brown hue to them. We smile with satisfaction as we work on lawns and see the neighbors lawns looking less than desirable. We even take some quick pictures in the early spring of "our" lawns so that we can help remind (and show) others of this important step that should be taken late in the season. We try to make sure to get part of the other neighbors lawn in the picture so that "our" nice green lawns really are noticeable.

Who doesn't want to come home to a natural and organic lush, healthy green lawn? A lawn that can be enjoyed by all, pets and children too with no "stay off the grass time". Each season, many special memories are created, let your lawn shine. 
Enjoy your lawn and make sure that late fall fertilizer application gets applied as the lawn starts to go dormant. Make sure to schedule your last seasonal application and rest easy knowing that come spring, you're already a step ahead. 

For a complete list of the different services we offers please visit our Calender of Services.

See you next season! 

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lawn maintenance Phoenix on Friday, February 03, 2012 3:17 AM
It's good to know that you were able to make your turf a possible envy of your neighbors. Nothing beats the feeling of having a wonderful lawn ready to show the world especially when spring is upon us. Lawn care can be a breeze for those who have the willingness to do so.
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