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Leaves... bag them or mulch them?
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Summer Lawn Care Tips
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Lawn Clippings (Bill's blog)

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Pure Prairie Organics
 Summer 2016                                        pureprairieorganics@gmail.com                                          

Here are some tips for keeping your lawn nice over the summer:
  • Mow the grass at  least 3 inches tall... this will be beneficial for many reasons.  If the grass is left tall it will use it’s energy to grow the root system deeper, this is good because it will find it’s own water when it gets dry out.  
Also tall grass will shade the soil keeping moisture there to be used instead of evaporating.       
  • Water the lawn when you can,  We have not had much rain lately so if you want the lawn to green up you will need to water for 30 min 2-3 times per week.

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