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Ants "eating" your house?

Do you have ants that appear to be eating your house?

There are some places like the Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo,
and many Chicago hospitals where poisons are not an option.

The ants are not the problem, they are the clean up crew.  They are eating a fungus that is attacking the wood.  They cannot eat "clean" wood.  

If you have ants "eating" your house it means you have a leak or condensation somewhere and moisture is getting in and rotting the wood.  The ants
are cleaning up the rotting wood.

For temporary control, you can use mint oil or boric acid, but until you fix the source of moisture, the ants (or someone else) will be back to clean up the rotting wood.

For mint oil, put about 5 drops in a spray bottle full of water and shake it up.  Maybe add a few drops of ammonia to "broadcast" the mint oil.  Spray it around the area.

This will overpower the ants and do a great job of repelling them, even killing a few.  
It will need to be reapplied as needed.

Some say rubbing alcohol will kill the ants and a light bleach solution will erase their trail.  Erasing the trail is real important because that's how they know where to go.

I hope that helps!

Bill Scheffler
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