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Why should I have my lawn core aerated?

Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn. Having your lawn aerated will allow water, nutrients and organic matter to travel deeper into your soil. As soils harden; nutrients and the root system tends to stay near the surface. This is where the soil dries out the quickest, so it's important to allow your roots to travel deeper into your soil so it can find more water. 

The holes will allow soil and other micro organisms to travel deep into the soil/clay which will soften up the soil/clay. This is an important step in creating a healthy living environment that is full of life. The organic matter and micro organisms will also feed on the thatch layer reducing the thatch amount and turning it into needed nutrients for the lawn. Your lawn will benefit from core aeration for months after the service is performed.

  • Core aeration reduces soil problems by relieving compaction and allowing air and water to travel deep down.
  • Core aeration controls harmful thatch by speeding up the thatch's natural decomposition process.
  • Core aeration improves over all plant health by allowing moisture, air and nutrients to reach the root zone. 

You can add another benefit to core aeration by having a heavy Gypsum applied afterwards,  40 lbs/1,000 sq ft is a good amount to have spread. These pellets will fall into the freshly aerated lawn or be carried there by water which will then soften up the soil even further getting more benefit to core aeration.

You can also have grass seed spread after the lawn is core aerated. Some of the seed will fall directly into the holes and some seed will be carried to the holes by water then come in contact with the soil and start to grow. This is a great way to overseed your lawn and get a new improved variety of grass growing in your lawn. 

If you would like your lawn aerated please contact us. Also, visit  our Calender of Services  page to see what else we offer. Pure Prairie Organics has been serving the western suburbs of Chicagoland since 1994. 

With us, your family and pets
 are safe and your lawn is beautiful! 

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